Coffee Child

Bringing Hope and Care To Coffee Field Workers And Their Children.

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Ben Mora
Growing up picking in the coffee fields, our founder takes a personal interest in this Program .


As part of Omega Task’s outreach, we are deeply invested in children and families who are working in the coffee fields. Most coffee picking families here are living in a continuous cycle of generational poverty. Kids who are born into coffee picking families are helping their parents pick coffee instead of getting an education.

Every week, our volunteers visit an entire community of coffee field workers, offering prenatal care to new or expecting mothers and a kids club for all of the children. We also like surprising them in the fields to help them pick.

We are building hope in this community through intentionality.

The Coffee Child Project is a brand new strategy that Omega Task is developing in order to extend our reach and impact with this group. Coffee Child will be a scholarship program that will provide financial and academic support to the children living in this community. Education is key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 

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