Our Team

We are teachers, artists, cooks, entrepreneurs, welders, crafters and electricians who are in love with Jesus and excited about what he's doing here, in Costa Rica.

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Benjamin & Taja

Founders of the Omega Task Mission, Ben grew up picking coffee in the same neighborhood that he is now serving and ministering to and his wife Taja is originally from Hawaii. They met in Costa Rica while serving as missionaries with YWAM. Their vision is to see Costa Rica thriving, full of Godly leaders who are influencing all spheres of the globe. Ben is familiar with the impact investing in people, especially kids, can have. That’s why if you ever go with him to pick a bushel of coffee, all the kids who are out there picking come running to him! As a loving mother of their two children, Taja heads the Prenatal Care program and teaches the neighborhood kids how to cook and bake every wednesday afternoon during the mid-week kids club.

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Dixi & Juan Carlos

Head of Kids Clubs and the youth programs, these two are uniquely gifted and creative educators and communicators. Dixie teaches the younger children three times a weeks while Juan Carlos leads the older group every Saturday.

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Overseer of Omega Task’s investment to the agricultural jungle community in Upala, Marvin is like the Costa Rican Indiana Jones. A welder and electrician by trade, he is also skilled in the science of crop production.

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Head of the Sewing Classes, Zahira is an incredible artisan who loves sharing her craft with the community. A dedicated mother and grandmother, she also mentors women involved in the prenatal care program and cooks healthy meals for visiting mission teams.

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Johnny & Silvia

Members of the local church here, Johnny and Silvia have been dedicated to serving with Omega Task’s Kid’s Clubs and Youth programs. They have a huge heart to see the neighborhood children grow in the Lord.


Ron & Pam

Serving as state-side team coordinators, Ron and Pam have been bringing groups to our mission from the United States for the past several years. The groups they bring every year help us with everything from construction projects to ministry and outreach. If you are interested in joining Ron and Pam for one of their upcoming team-mission trips. please contact them! We would love to see you here!


Eze & Crystal

An instrumental couple in helping pioneer The Omega Task, Eze and Crystal had served this ministry full-time from 2014-2016. They continue to be a huge help to this mission by serving at the base with their family for several months each year.