Pioneering Something Brand New

They are Missionaries and visionaries. They are also awesome parents, bakers, baristas, and entrepreneurs who are looking to advance God’s Kingdom in a new, exciting, and sustainable way.

Founders of the Omega Task Mission, Ben and Taja, are stepping into new waters. Following a calling God has placed on them to build a coffee shop in their local community, this business endeavor will serve many Kingdom purposes.

Ben and Taja’s business will:

  • Foster a space for cultivating a community much deeper than any regular, scheduled programs could provide.

  • Bring employment opportunities to single moms and other locals who are vulnerable to financial hardships.

  • Generate income, allowing Ben and Taja to not only serve in global missions but to FUND THEM. They are passionate about expanding the Gospel of Jesus in the nations and they understand income generating projects like this one, puts the power back into HIS hands.

The vision of this project is to develop a sustainable way of providing for ben and taja’s family and expanding the Omega Task’s reach.

An Education Scholarship Program for the vulnerable children in the Cataluña community is one immediate area of expansion Ben and Taja are hoping this business will complement.

Cataluña is a community that is working in the coffee fields. Omega Task started investing in this community over 5 years ago. ALL of the children in this community live in extreme poverty. In order to support their family, parents will often take their children with them into the fields to help them pick, instead of sending them to school. This is breeding a cycle of generational poverty.

A Scholarship will supply students with the Scholastic Materials they need, tutoring, Transportation fees and examination fees. Accountability and encouragement will also be included as a part of the Education Program.

Omega Task is hoping to open a second base in an agricultural community near the Nicaragua border where they have been doing outreach and have had one of their volunteers stationed for the past three years. There, the mission will offer sustainable agricultural support to farmers.

The programs will train and equip farmers with agricultural techniques aimed at both increasing productivity, as well as conserving the precious land resources for the future.

Give to the Vision

By choosing to contribute to this fund, you are partnering with Ben and Taja and their commitment to extend God’s Kingdom to the nations.

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